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Agnes Hannah Edwards Blackett 1869-1910

(I have not been able to find a formal written personal history for Agnes.  I am assuming that since she died at 41 she had possibly not prepared a history for her family.  If anyone reading this happens to have more information please forward it to me so I can include it in this history)

 Agnes Hannah Edwards Blackett was born on 18th of December, 1869 in Greenville, Utah to William and Ellen Miller Edwards.  Agnes was one of the 12 Children born to William and Ellen Edwards.  She was also one of only 4 children of the 12 who lived to adulthood.  Her father William served as the fourth Bishop of Greenville.  She was baptised a member of the LDS Church on 23rd of August, 1916.
                                          William Edwards Family - Agnes is the last on the right

Agnes married John William Blackett Jr on the 15th of February, 1894 in Greenville, Utah. It is not known exactly how Agnes met John as he was a resident of Springville, Utah.  After their marriage they lived in Springville as is shown on the 1900 Federal Census records.

Agnes and John Blackett had 7 children in the following order:
1. Hazel BLACKETT b: 19 NOV 1894 in Greenville, Utah
2. Ferrell BLACKETT b: 22 JUN 1897 in Springville, Utah
3. Wilda BLACKETT b: 6 DEC 1899 in Greenville, Utah
4. William Edwards BLACKETT b: 3 DEC 1903 in Springville, Utah
5. Ernest Blaine BLACKETT b: 27 FEB 1906 in Springville, Utah
6. Dora Ellen BLACKETT(twin) b:25 AUG 1908 in Springville, Utah
7. Donna Elizabeth BLACKETT(twin)  b: 25 AUG 1908 in Springville, Utah
After the birth of her twins, she struggled with poor health and Agnes died on 15 APR 1910 in Springville, Utah at the age of 41.  She left her husband with 7 children to care for.  John never remarried.  Agnes is buried in the Evergreen Cemetary in Springville, Utah at Section. C Lot 109 Pos. 8.   After her death, John had a family portrait taken with all of his children.  He had his sister Flora Blackett McPherson sit in place of Agnes and the photographer placed a picture of Agnes in front of Flora's face.  This was how they produced the family portrait where the twins are almost 2 years old. 

 On a personal note, Agnes was my Great Grandmother.  Agnes' sister Emily Rosetta Edwards Morris is also my Great Grandmother.  Yes, the Edwards girls were very popular and my Grandparents were both children of Agnes and Emily.  There will be even more ties from the Blackett's of Springville to the Greenville cousins.  Later in life, Agnes Blackett's daughter Hazel Blackett married Greenville's Fletcher Barton so we will hear more about those cousins in future posts.

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