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Ernest Blaine Blackett 1906-1992

(I could not find a written personal history for Blaine Blackett.  The information below was given to me by Thelma Hansen Goodwin of  Beaver who is the daughter of Blaine's sister Wilda Blackett Hansen. I found the dates on as well as in the book "Monuments to Courage" History of Beaver County)
 Ernest Blaine Blackett was born on February 27th, 1906 in Springville, Utah to John and Agnes Edwards Blackett.  He was the 5th of 7 children and there were 5 girls and only 2 boys.

Blaine's mother died when he was only 4 years old.  My grandfather Bill was Blaine's older brother.  They were complete opposites, Bill with dark brown hair and a slender frame  and deep voice and Blaine was a chubby Blonde and was rather softspoken.   All the Blackett children were taught to be hard workers.    When Blaine was about 14, he found a job at Mr. W.Wainwright's bakery in Springville.  He started as a delivery boy but eventually, Mr. Wainwright taught him how to be a Baker.

Blaine married Ellen Estella "Nell" Barton on September 1st, 1927 in Greenville, Utah.  Blaine and Nell owned a bakery in Beaver and they lived in the back of the bakery.  At some later time, Blaine and Nell moved to Greenville into the David Miller home where Nell's family had lived.  Blaine was the Postmaster in Greenville as of October 27th, 1934.
 It was reported that Blaine also held positions working with the State in the Agricultural department and with Soil Conservation and she thought that Blaine retired while working in Soil Conservation.  I remember visiting Blaine and Nell as a child.  I have pictures of their home in Greenville until 1970 and I believe at that time they moved into a red brick home in Beaver.  That is where Blaine and Nell lived for the rest of their lives.
Uncle Blaine played with all the kids.  In the picture above in 1971 he rigged up a piece of wood so I could go "fishing" in the ditch in front of their home in Beaver.  I have nothing but fond memories of him and miss him dearly.  On another note, my sweet husband was able to find me a set of china exactly like Aunt Nell had with the turquoise and white with gold trim and it is one of my most prized possessions.

Blaine and Nell never had children.  He loved Nell so much and treated her like a queen.  There wasn't anything that she wanted that he wouldn't try to get for her.  Blaine lost his beloved Nell February 16th, 1989.  I remember going to visit with Blaine a few months after Nell had past and he cried and told me how sad he was and he just couldn't live without Nell.  Blaine died on March 16th, 1992 and was buried next to his beloved Nell in the Greenville Cemetary.

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