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William Edwards Blackett 1903-1966

My dear Grandpa Bill Blackett was born on Deceber 3rd, 1903 in Springville, Utah.  He was the fourth child of 7 children born to John William Blackett and Agnes Hannah Edwards Blackett.  He learned the importance of hard work and spent his childhood working to help their family survive.  Bill's mother died April 15th 1910 leaving 7 children, the youngest being twin girls that had been born August 25th 1908.

Bill had an amazing sense of humor.  He received his education in Springville schools and as a young man he had farmed with his father to help keep their large family fed.  He married Violet Velma Morris on May 4, 1925 in Beaver, Utah.  After his marriage, he made his home in Greenville, Utah then moving to Bingham Canyon in 1933 where he mined for Apex Mine.  He moved to Beaver in 1937 where he farmed until 1943 when he moved to Provo.  He was employed for United States Seel, Geneva Works, as a saturator at the time of his death.

Mr. Blackett was a member of the LDS Church and served as assistant superintendant of the swunday school  and president of the YMMIA and as a ward.  He was a member of the CIOAFL Steel workers for 23 years.  His hobbies were fishing, hunting and all outdoor sports.  

Bill's father John Blackett never remarried and spent the rest of his life caring for his children.  Bill was a kind hearted man with a wicked sense of humor.  He had lost his eye in a mining accident and would play pranks such as pulling his glass eye out at the dinner table and watch as it rolled down the table.   He was raised in Springville but spent alot of time in Greenville Utah as well with his mother as she visited her family members who were from that area.  Bill and my Grandma Violet hit it off.  They were the most kind and loving people anyone had the pleasure of knowing. 
 Bill, Violet and Max in front of Violets parents Log Home in "Morrisville"/Greenville, Utah

Baby Tammy, Grandpa Bill and Grandma Violet 1965

Grandpa Bill died when I was about 14 months old.  He had taught me to whistle and to tuck my socks in my shoes and say prayers before going to bed. "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep.  Bless Mommy and Grandma and Grandpa and everything in  Jesus name Amen".   Apparently death did not stop him from playing with me even after he was gone.  Bill had supposedly visited me and told me stories.  One of which was of his "Funny Eye".  I think I was 3 or 4 when I told my Mother and Grandmother about Grandpas funny eye (his glass eye he had from an accident)  and other stories, to which their reaction was to turn white as a sheet when they realized they had never told me any of the things that I had told them and that I had no way of knowing any of this. 
 Violet and Bill Blackett

I miss my grandfather a great deal.  I know how sad my Grandmother must have been for those decades she spent alone without a husband to love and care for.  We love and miss you Grandpa Bill.

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