Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Harvesting Memories Book 1 by Nola Baker Morris

I found a book that Nola Baker Morris had given my Grandma Violet Morris Blackett.  I have been wanting to add more personal histories but had not received any more connections to do so.  It was such a blessing to open this Memory book and find a group of histories mostly collected at a Morris Reunion in August of 1987. The personal histories and stories found in this book will also have the HMB in the title.  I have loved reading all the stories of our ancestors.  We just got back from attending the 2014 July 4th Celebrations in Greenville with the Barton/Chesley family that have homes there.  What an amazing blessing to read about my ancestors doing some of the same things that I still get to do with my children today.  The early morning Canon booming all of us awake, the patriotic songs and the children's parade going around the block as all the parents race to all sides of the block to cheer on everyone as they circle the Chesley Home/Pink Rock relief society building.  It feels like we all stepped back 100 years.  I am so grateful to my husband Stan and his friendship with my Cousins as he introduced me to my own family that I had lost touch with.  Every year we cherish our time on July 4th and Labor Day to celebrate with all of our Greenville Utah Cousins.  I am grateful for my daughter Alexis who has helped me in typing the stories for this blog.  There are a lot more of you out there so write me with your stories.   If anyone reading this has anything to correct or enter or has photos to add to the stories please contact me.

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