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Mary L Williamson Barton 1839-1923 (2nd wife of William John Barton)

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Mary L Williamson was born on 13 March 1839 in Swinton, Lancashire, England to James S (1804-1882)and Ann Allred Williamson (1807-1892).  Both of Mary's parents were from England and both of them died in Paragonah, Utah.

Because Polygamy was endorsed for church leaders, which William was, he married Mary Williamson, an English emigrant, 28 August 1857. The two families never lived together, but resided in separate towns. William lived with Mary the rest of his life. This was because Esther seemed to be self-sufficient.

The following children were born to William and Mary:
Mary Ann Barton 1862-1940
Amanda Barton 1865-1943
Rebecca Barton 1869-1870
Sophronia Barton 1871-1895
Julia King Barton 1875-1963
Amy Elizabeth Barton 1877-1958
Charles Hampton Barton 1880-1946

Grandma Esther passed from this life quietly in her little log cabin in Greenville,Utah on 28 March 1906, at the age of seventy seven, from pneumonia. William had preceded her in death on 11 October 1902. William died very peacefully in Paragonahand was buried in Parowan, Utah, in the cemetery of the town, which he helped settle.

On 23 November 1923, Mary died peacefully in her home at the age of eighty four. She was buried beside her husband in Parowan. Esther requested to be buried in the Greenville cemetery beside the body of her daughter, Estella. This in no way discounted her love for William, but she simply preferred to remain in the homestead where she had such happy memories with William and the children in their growing-up years

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